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Below is a link to a sample site we have set up so you can become familiar with the options, process and layout of a typical MyRapidColor customized site.  While this site has generic products, when we make a site for your company, it will have your products, your pricing, your delivery address, your everything. Please click the link below to begin your login process.  The page has a login name and password for you to use.

On the site are a few products, 1 business card where you can completely customize name, title, everything on the card, one NCR form, and a couple other business printing items.  Be sure and play with each product, and go ahead and do an order all the way thru, the system is very easy, and you can't mess it up.

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 | sample
Password | sample

If at any time while testing the website, you happen to have a question, please do not hesitate to Call (702) 792-6055 and ask for web services.  Thank you for taking the time to explore, and we hope this service will be of use to you.

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